DevSecCon24 2023 - DSC4good

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DevSecCon24 2023 - DSC4good

DevSecCon24 is a free virtual event that brings together experts and practitioners from the DevOps, development, and security communities for a full day of learning, networking, and collaboration. Discover and define the best practices, processes, and tooling that make secure software possible.


DevSecCon and Snyk value diversity and inclusion in the technology industry. However, underrepresented communities still face significant barriers to entry and advancement in tech. By creating DevSecCon24, a free virtual event, we aim to offer accessible content and a community that welcomes everyone, irrespective of location, financial circumstances, race, or gender.


You can help underrepresented communities in tech by sponsoring or donating to DSC4good. Your funds will be evenly distributed among three global charities:

which aligns with Snyk Impact's mission pillars of diversifying the tech industry, using tech for good, and reducing carbon footprint.

Let's collaborate to create a more inclusive and equitable future for everyone. For more information on Snyk Impact, please visit